When it comes to motorcycle gear in the sport racing category, we believe Dainese is the best in the world. With its Italian style and high performance protection that the best riders in the world wear, we are not wrong. Moto Gp rider Valentino Rossi is their #1 rider and a legend in the motorcycle racing game. Blackfoot Motosports has carried this amazing brand for decades and their customers love it. From full leather race suits, jackets, pants, boots and to track and street gloves and more. Blackfoot Motosports online stocks it, and if they don’t they can order it in for you from Italy extremely fast. Below is some biography from Dainese themselves.

Firstly, Dainese was established in 1972 by Lino Dainese, a 24-year-old motorcycle enthusiast driven by endless curiosity, a constant desire to experiment and a strong interest in contemporary art and design..

The result, presented at the company’s Milan Showroom in 1974, brought a touch of color to a world dominated by black, increasing rider visibility and therefore safety, adding fun and significantly increasing the scope for sponsorship.

Dainese’s mission has always been to advance and promote ergonomics, performance and above all safety in dynamic sports.

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